How Rare is Rare? — Playing the NFT lottery with Neolastics.

Rules of the Game

  • The price curve is linear, starting at 0.001 ETH for a Neolastic piece. Each new piece increases the price by 0.001 ETH.
  • 99.5% of the price is kept in the bonding curve reserve. 0.5% goes to the creator.
  • There exists 6 colours, with white, black, red, blue, and yellow being equally likely (~20%).
  • Green is rare (~1/256).
  • The colours are chosen from a psuedo-randomly generated 32 byte hash.
  • A maximum of 10,077,696 (6⁹) potential combinations can thus exist.

The elusive Green Square

Putting a price on rarity

Looking for Gems

5+ of a Kind

Neolastics: 5 of a kind

Green Combos

4 of a kind + green.


Full House

Full house 6:3 — Currently on sale for 32 ETH ($36,500)

Full house — 2 Colours

Ultra Rare

Connected squares

Full house 5:4 with a 1/775 chance

About The Project:

About The Artist:




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Adrian Guerrera

Adrian Guerrera

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