is a digital art project that can automatically mint and burn unique, psuedo-randomly generated Mondrian inspired cubes of collectible digital art. What sets this NFT project apart is its bonding curve where you can mint at an incrementing price, and a reward for burning pieces. But one question remains, how rare is rare? And are those elusive green squares the goal? Or is there something even more elusive waiting to be uncovered. A full house equivalent better than 4 of a kind? And how much gas do I need to mine it?

Lets find out, shall we?!

Rules of the Game

I’ve been having a blast testing some smart contracts I’ve been working on - so much so, I’ve decided to share some of the cool new features discovered in Brownie, including time travel which has blown my mind.

Brownie is a Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts on Ethereum. →

Aside from being an awesome replacement to truffle, it comes baked with some seriously powerful testing libraries - pytest and hypothesis.

Lets do this!

It all starts with one line

brownie init

Few other assumptions for this example: you have a smart contract that you want to test, and…

Adrian Guerrera

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